1. It’s been quite cool here lately so I deferred my run to this evening and chose to sleep in. Good decision for so many reasons. I ran all the way until the end of the road where it merges with a minor highway of sorts but still safe enough for runners and bikers. Just up the highway is the only place I can go here where I don’t feel smothered and can really breathe.

    It’s a gorgeous, meticulously cared for farm that takes up a large portion of the countryside. The owners must be aware of how attractive their land is because they put a bench below the roadside a ways for people to sit and admire the farm from. I took a small break and sat there for a bit, enjoying the sunset over and being able to breathe. This area is really special and important to me and I miss it every time I leave here.

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    1. <b> Me:</b> *jogging* Wow it's such a nice day for a pleasant, smooth--<p><b></b> *jogger jogs past me*<p><b>Me:</b> -- slightly competitive race.<p>
  3. My goal half marathon is exactly 12 weeks away which means official half training begins this week! This actually worked out perfectly because doing longer distances in Idaho is easier than it is here and I’m leaving on Thursday, so my first long run of this training plan will be a cinch. Im very ready to get back to thin dry air and open skies.

  4. This morning I tried to beat a day of thunderstorms and ran early with all the “silver sneaker” badass runners. I saw some really pretty looking New Englandy things, ran on some trails and through a picturesque town, practically sprinted past an old crumbling cemetery on a street ominously named Gallows Row (place gives me the creeps), and made it to the track shelter but not before getting drenched by heavy rain. This was one of those runs where just being outside and enjoying my surroundings was more important than pace and effort.

    Three more runs until I go back west!

  5. Anonymous said: girl crush here Hehe but revealing myself would ruin the mystery ;-) x

    Haha well I like a good mystery, thanks awesome anon!

  6. Anonymous said: I definitely have a little girl crush on you :-)

    Reveal yourself and let me crush on you back!

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    I&#8217;m extremely disgruntled and unimpressed with how humid and hot it is here. Everything is damp and slimy and I&#8217;m kind grossed out.

    I’m extremely disgruntled and unimpressed with how humid and hot it is here. Everything is damp and slimy and I’m kind grossed out.

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    I forgot about this from the beach the other day! They had an oceanside play ground with swings and every time I see swings I have to do that flippy thing off of one.

  9. A local news station did a story on how Kalon’s doing and what his life is like now, if anyone is interested. His attitude and optimism are pretty incredible.

  10. Beach day in Rhode Island! I read, tried to swim but couldn’t because the ocean is cold and hates me, and took a short recovery run on the beach. Also included an obligatory “feet in water” picture.