1. Anonymous said: girl crush here Hehe but revealing myself would ruin the mystery ;-) x

    Haha well I like a good mystery, thanks awesome anon!

  2. Anonymous said: I definitely have a little girl crush on you :-)

    Reveal yourself and let me crush on you back!

  3. 17:54 23rd Jul 2014

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    I’m extremely disgruntled and unimpressed with how humid and hot it is here. Everything is damp and slimy and I’m kind grossed out.

    I’m extremely disgruntled and unimpressed with how humid and hot it is here. Everything is damp and slimy and I’m kind grossed out.

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    I forgot about this from the beach the other day! They had an oceanside play ground with swings and every time I see swings I have to do that flippy thing off of one.

  5. A local news station did a story on how Kalon’s doing and what his life is like now, if anyone is interested. His attitude and optimism are pretty incredible.

  6. Beach day in Rhode Island! I read, tried to swim but couldn’t because the ocean is cold and hates me, and took a short recovery run on the beach. Also included an obligatory “feet in water” picture.

  7. 14:13 20th Jul 2014

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    Anonymous said: I wish I had your running skills.

    Well lovely anon, wish no more! Get out there, pound some pavement and be proud of whatever you accomplish!

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    It was a 5k, short and sweet!

    It was a 5k, short and sweet!

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    Anonymous said: Just wondering: why the heck are you trying to lose weight? You look like you have absolutely nothing to lose/are already underweight and i remember you mentioning a disorder past and ... :(

    I’ve been questioning why I think I need to lose weight too. Some of it is partially due to thinking if I drop a few pounds I’ll run faster, another reason is I’m surrounded by people on diets who trigger the hell out of me; there’s definitely still deep issues with eating and weight that won’t go away no matter how much I try to ignore it. There’s no real rational answer to this.

  10. Race today!
    It was a lot bigger than I had expected…260 runners, many of whom are speedy as hell. Lots of college and high school runners using the race as a tune-up.

    I raced the guy in the orange shirt the last mile and just wouldn’t let him pass or get away. We both sprinted the final 200 and I beat him by a second. After crossing the line we fist bumped and thanked each other so that was an awesome finish to a challenging and very well organized race. My mom was also kind enough to take a picture of me fresh from the finish line before my little sister told her to stop because I was a soggy, dripping mess.

    The course was hilly (surprise surprise) and humid but offered lots of shade. I ran 22:31 and placed 31 overall, 5th female which is ok considering the conditions. I’m feeling good about where I am in training and, as I said a few days ago, feel like I’m setting myself up for a fast fall racing season!